Modular Solutions

Get What You Need at a Price You Can Afford

We know you don’t want to pay more for software you might never need. That is why MITC provides modular solutions that can be adapted to any size of agency or contractor. Whether you have 30 or 3,000 employees, MITC can provide cost-effective solutions within your budget that deliver maximum return on investment.

Some organizations are looking for a comprehensive workforce management solution that is completely integrated. Others are looking for a solution for a particular program or contract. Some want a customer-hosted solution; others want a cloud-based solution. Contact an MITC Solution Specialist and let them help you identify your needs, determine potential cost savings, productivity, and compliance goals, and get you the solution that meets your immediate needs but can grow with you in the future.

All Workforce Management modules are available for Customer-Hosted or Cloud solutions

Time and Attendance for Staff and Clients

Client Piece Work

Payroll Rules and Reporting

Activity Service Documentation

Payroll Integration

Staff and Client Scheduling

Billing Rules and Reporting

Work Order Scheduling

Billing Integration

Human Resources