Time & Attendance, Scheduling, and More in the Cloud

  • Let Us Do The Work

    Employ MITC Cloud for all MITC applications and more. By choosing MITC Cloud, organizations can minimize their need for additional IT infrastructure and staff.

  • One Size Fits All

    Organizations regardless of size, can benefit from using MITC Cloud. For small organizations, MITC’s modular solutions provide an easy and affordable way to track employee time and attendance, and administer payroll and HR services. For large organizations, MITC provides strong functionality for time and attendance, labor tracking, staff and client scheduling, analytics, and absence management. MITC Cloud can also be used to host other applications such as mail, office, accounting, and payroll applications.

  • Simple Transition

    Long-time MITC customers have outsourced from onsite deployments to Cloud hosting. These organizations cite financial and operational benefits for transitioning to Cloud hosting. These benefits include freeing resources to focus on more strategic tasks and peace of mind.

MITC Cloud Includes

Simple monthly pricing

No long-term contracts

Fixed monthly payment plans

No installation, no maintenance

You might consider using MITC Cloud if you have:
No Internal ITIf your organization does not have an internal IT department, using an MITC hosted solution with MITC Managed Services may make financial sense.
Cash Flow Concerns MITC offers a monthly full-service rental to minimize commitment and conserve cash.
An Unpredictable Business ModelIf your organization has temporary needs or is uncertain about future plans, MITC Cloud combined with MITC Full-Service Rental offers a predictable, affordable, fixed monthly plan with no cancellation or change-order penalties.

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